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NorDent Smile dental office was established in 2014 in Mórahalom. From the very beginning the goal of our dentistry was to provide impeccable dental services to our patients coming from all around the globe. Our mission is to provide tranquility and security through the kindness and professionalism of our staff, and also by working with top quality dental materials and instruments. Our permanent goal is to return a healthy and beautiful smile to all who decide to seek our services. All who come to us can expect an honest care from our side.


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Laura SzegiLaura Szegi
12:13 06 Jun 24
Brigitta MáraiBrigitta Márai
15:40 28 May 24
Unfortunately for us, my mother was subjected to the inhuman treatment of Dr. El-Charbaji Oussama. We did not receive any information about the operation costing hundreds of thousands of forints, the doctor behaved rudely and condescendingly during the operation. During the preparation, he pressed the obviously non-sterile screen of his phone, after which he began the procedure without washing his hands. She ignored my mother's questions, and the assistant finally tried to answer them. Even during the suture removal, he said only two incomprehensible sentences, in which he insulted my mother, who was decades older than him. Awesome! We have not even experienced this during SZTK care! If you can, avoid this person!
Klaudia TóthKlaudia Tóth
08:32 15 May 24
Kai Tore MobergKai Tore Moberg
08:35 09 May 24
Very nice staff and skilled at their jobs. We have felt confident in what they have prescribed as treatment and have received a very good result in return. Both my wife and I have received good follow-up. And the wife has experience with Nordent from 10 years ago, when she received the treatment in Subotica, Serbia.
Renata MobergRenata Moberg
19:33 08 May 24
Very pleased with the result. Pleasant staff, I felt well taken care of.
They are fantastic doctors, their relationship with children is exemplary. I can only recommend it to everyone who can choose them.
Zoltán TandariZoltán Tandari
07:10 24 Apr 24
I went for a wisdom tooth extraction and I am completely satisfied. It was about 5 minutes and the whole thing was painless
Gyula ÚjháziGyula Újházi
17:33 23 Apr 24
Regina CsótiRegina Csóti
15:11 23 Apr 24
Gábor KalmárGábor Kalmár
14:59 23 Apr 24
Tibor SzabóTibor Szabó
14:47 23 Apr 24
Klára Szolga ParóciKlára Szolga Paróci
19:42 28 Mar 24
Gergő DobóGergő Dobó
17:17 28 Mar 24
Dániel KaszásDániel Kaszás
17:14 28 Mar 24
I can only recommend them to everyone, I have been going to them for years. Precise attitude, modernly equipped office, calm atmosphere. Thanks to Dr. Vida and her team.
Janos SalaiJanos Salai
20:40 10 Feb 24
Brigitta PónuszBrigitta Pónusz
11:27 31 Jan 24
Ra Mona (Katerlcat)Ra Mona (Katerlcat)
17:29 08 Jan 24
Great practice, very friendly staff. When my father's teeth broke, they helped very quickly without a long wait and the quality of the work is top. Great value for money and would be treated there again at any time
Rosen gartenRosen garten
12:21 10 Dec 23
In November 2023 I received 2 implants and bone reconstruction six months earlier. My teeth now feel like my own. The doctors and assistants are very helpful and friendly and very competent. I'm actually a "scared cat", but the kind, patient, humorous and relaxed manner made me immediately feel like I was in good hands.I felt I was treated better in this practice than in the practices I knew in Germany.A big thank you to the great team.
Anita SzegediAnita Szegedi
06:48 17 Nov 23
Istvánné FazekasIstvánné Fazekas
17:13 16 Nov 23
Everything was fine, they were precise and accurate. Thank you for the feedback. I was only paying attention to the writing of the text.
Zsuzsanna KissZsuzsanna Kiss
18:31 02 Nov 23
Adrianus P.M. BakkerAdrianus P.M. Bakker
18:18 02 Nov 23
Very friendly treatment.. and very good quality..
Aud VikorAud Vikor
13:17 15 Oct 23
HERE YOU CAN FEEL SAFE!Seeking dental treatment abroad can be worrying. You do not know the quality of the treatment and what happens if something does not go according to plan. The therapists here are highly qualified and give you good advice and choices. Both in terms of treatment and finances. You also feel safe during your stay and are well taken care of. If you are considering dental treatment abroad, NorDent is certainly a good option to consider.
Renata SzemerediRenata Szemeredi
12:05 13 Sep 23
I can only recommend it, in every respect.Precision, a well-cooperative team.The office's atmosphere is also excellent, not a typical dentistry.🤗
Sarkany ZsoltSarkany Zsolt
11:42 13 Sep 23
I can only recommend it to everyone, a very professional team. I've been going to them for years. Excellent attitude, expertise, empathy. 🙂 Thanks to Dr. Vida for always thorough, painless and precise work 🙂
Kis KocosKis Kocos
11:40 13 Sep 23
charles patoncharles paton
23:33 12 Sep 23
Very professional approach taken by the Nordent team and I'm very pleased with the end result. I have no hesitation in recommending Nordent to anyone needing major re-work of their teeth.
Zoltán HudecZoltán Hudec
11:14 25 Oct 22
Super team, they are very kind and skilled!🙂
Christiane HansenChristiane Hansen
08:24 20 Apr 22
We heard about Nordent In Sobotica (Serbia) few years ago by a friend of ours. As she highly recommand this dental clinic and the profresionalism of their dentists we started some dental work before the covid-19 restrictions.This April 2022 we cameback this time to Morahalom Elixir Hotel ( South Hungary)where NorDent is located.What is really great is that as the same time you can benefit and enjoy the wellness center of the Elixir Hotel.It is a long trip for us as we live in Antigua & Barbuda but taking in consideration the cost ( not reimbursed) of dental work in our island or in Europe these dental trips are for us holidays as well.I am sure that we are not the only one disliking dental treatments and i must say the way the manager Arpad and the dentists are welcoming you make you feel comfortable .You feel that you are on good hands and you are indeed in very good hands.Christiane & Roland HansenAntigua & Barbuda
Derek KoehorstDerek Koehorst
14:20 04 Mar 22
I'm a very happy customer. Great service, professional dentists and they speak very good English.
Rita KovàcsRita Kovàcs
18:08 18 Jan 21
I met a very kind and helpful team. I don't mind that we chose Them. They are doing an excellent job!
Zsolt SzemerediZsolt Szemeredi
20:08 16 Jan 21
Excellent service, every time! Thank you.
Working hours<br> Monday: 10:00 - 18:00 h / Tuesday: 08:00 -16:00 h / Wednesday: 11:00 - 18:00 h / Thursday: 11:00 - 18:00 h / Friday: 08:00 - 15:00 h / Saturday and Sunday: closed
Phone +36 70 252 55 95<br> Office: 6782 Mórahalom<br>Szent László park 3.

Through years of education and experience,

 we always aspired to:

  • develop ourselves constantly
  • provide quality dental services
Working hours<br> Monday: 10:00 - 18:00 h / Tuesday: 08:00 -16:00 h / Wednesday: 11:00 - 18:00 h / Thursday: 11:00 - 18:00 h / Friday: 08:00 - 15:00 h / Saturday and Sunday: closed
Phone +36 70 252 55 95<br> Office: 6782 Mórahalom<br>Szent László park 3.

Through years of education and experience,

 we always aspired to:

  • develop ourselves constantly
  • provide quality dental services

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