Guarantee for NorDent Smile dental office services

NorDent Smile dentistry is giving a guarantee for the materials used and services provided to its patients. The guarantee is only valid, if the patient follows the instructions received from his/her dentist in NorDent. In the case of materials, the guarantee is given by the producer of the given material.

For the works / services of NorDent, the following guarantees are valid:

  • Aesthetic (white, composite) fillings – 1 year
  • Metal-ceramic crowns and bridges – 1 year
  • Monolithic zirconium crowns and bridges – 3 years
  • Removable dentures – 1 year

The guarantee complaint will be accepted if:

  • the patient notifies NorDent about the complaint within 14 days of its occurance;
  • the patient is coming on regular checks to NorDent (every 3-6 months, according to the recommendation of the dentist);
  • the oral hygiene of the patient is on an acceptable level;
  • all debts of the patient towards NorDent are paid;
  • there was no treatment done in a dentistry outside of Nordent, before issuing the complaint.

The guarantee does not cover:

  • Traveling and accommodation costs for the period of the guarantee treatments.
  • Lost income or salary during the guarantee treatments.

The guarantee will be considered void:

  • if the patient is not visiting NorDent according to the regular check intervals given by his dentist;
  • if the patient is not keeping his/her oral hygiene according to the instructions of his/her dentist;
  • if the patient has some other disease, that is affecting the state of his mouth, jaw bone;
  • if the damage is inflicted due to sport activities or by a third person;
  • if the prosthetic work is damaged due to inadequate handling or not using it according to the received instructions (breaking because of a drop, biting on hard materials etc.);
  • if the patient with an implant and implant prosthetic work is not coming to NorDent for regular checks (every 3 months in the first year and every 6 months in the first five year period);
  • if a dental treatment is done in a dental office other than NorDent before issuing the complaint;
  • if the patient is excessively using tobacco or narcotics;
  • if the damage is due to bruxism;
  • if the services performed by NorDent are not paid in total.

We do not give a guarantee:

  • for endodontic treatments (root canal treatments); Endodontics is a treatment with a high level of failure risk. Because of anatomical differences among individuals, even by using the latest equipment available, we cannot guarantee the success of this intervention.
  • On teeth whitening; Continuing the life style patients are used to (drinking coloring beverages and eating coloring foods, using nicotine products, tar, taking certain medicines) can quickly reduce the effects of whitening and return the teeth color to a previous state.
  • On temporary crowns and dentures, bite protectors.
  • Zircon-ceramic crowns and bridges.

NOTE: If the prosthetic work is being placed on implants inserted by an other dentist or dental clinic (other than NorDent), there is no guarantee from NorDent for the prosthetic work or crowns neither.

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